That noise, thumping, or lack of heat coming from the furnace can send a shiver up the spines of many homeowners – and not just because of the chilly air! Many worry about furnace repair costs, assuming the price tag will be beyond affordable.

Wintertime in cold climates makes furnace repairs a must. It isn’t advisable or safe to ignore issues preventing your home from heating properly.



The pricing for furnace repairs will vary depending on what brand you have, as well as warranty status. While we can’t tell you how much a furnace repair will cost, we’ve put together some estimates of common furnace repair costs to help you avoid “sticker shock.”


Cost of a Service Call / Dispatch 

HVAC contractors charge a service fee for a furnace technician to come to your home. This fee typically ranges between $65 to $120, ours is $79 for residential and $99 for commercial. This charge is for the technician’s diagnosis of the cause of the issue. Repairs are in addition to the service fee. 


Furnace Repair Costs for Common Heating System Issues 

Per HomeAdvisor, the average furnace repair cost across the country is $268. Most homeowners spent from $135 to $422 per repair. Below, you’ll find common furnace issues, and a rough estimate of the price to correct them.


Faulty Ignitors 

Ignitor malfunctions are a common problem, which cause a furnace not ignite. Lack of maintenance causes dirt and grime to build up on the ignitors, eventually damaging them. To replace furnace ignitors, a furnace technician will charge about $250 to $400.


Malfunctioning Thermostat 

A faulty thermostat can cause a homeowner to assume there is a problem with the home’s furnace. Replacing a thermostat has a broad cost range, as there are so many types available. A basic manual thermostat will cost you $195 or so; a smart thermostat will run $300 or more, depending on the model.


Flame Sensors 

The system’s flame sensors detect flame from the burners, telling the furnace to continue releasing fuel. If the sensor is faulty, fuel may burn in an unsafe way, putting your family in danger or causing the system to completely shut down. Furnace repair costs to replace a flame sensor can run from $80 to $250.


Furnace Motor 

Replacing a bad furnace motor is a serious repair, taking more time and more money to correct than some other issues. In some cases, a furnace technician may not have the correct replacement motor on-hand, and will need to order the part, adding a day or more before completing the repair. Replacing a furnace motor can cost between $400 and $1,500 for a newer ECM type motor.


Draft Inducer Motor Assembly 

Replacing a bad furnace inducer motor is a major repair. In many cases, a technician may not have the correct replacement motor on-hand, and will need to order the part, adding a day or more before they can get the part. Replacing an inducer motor can cost between $300 and $1,500 for more efficient 90% furnace.



 As furnace problems arise, many homeowners are overcome with worry as to what the cost to fix their heating system will be. Knowing a rough estimate of the price your repairs may cost will help you better financially plan for the service your system needs. This will also help you feel more in control when meeting with a furnace technician, so you are not blindsided by the price tag.  We pride ourselves on being honest and knowledgeable.  If our trained technicians feel the repair will exceed 50% of the cost of a new furnace and your furnace is over 15 years old, he may recommend replacing the furnace.  Replacing a furnace may be in your best interest as a new furnace will in most cases be more efficient and it will come with a warranty.  No technician or homeowner likes repairing a furnace that they know may have other issues down the road, but we will do whatever the customer wants us to do when it comes to repair vs. replacement.  We always keep your home and HVAC system our priority and will treat it as if it were our own.