Race City Heating & Air - Diagnostics

  Our technicians provide great diagnostic services for all HVAC problems. With over 70+ years of combined experience, there isn't much that we have not seen. Give us the opportunity to diagnose the problems with your system and we are sure we can win your business for two main reasons.               


Expertise - Our lead technicians are factory trained, experts in their craft. The knowledge, experience, and professionalism of of techs allow us to provide highly accurate diagnosis of problems. With a proper diagnosis, your can rest assured that the repair job will be a smooth, painless operation.


Compassion - We understand that HVAC systems are vitally important and that it can be very stressful when there are issues with it. At Race City Heating & Air, we don't give our customers a diagnosis that only an industry professional would understand. We provide a diagnosis that informs and enpowers our customers to make their best decision about the repair work.